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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: RPC/Encoded and Java<->XML Data Binding
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:33:37 GMT
Also -- from my perspective, there are absolutely no advantages of
using SOAP encoding over literal encoding. That's of course working on
the assumption that the reason you are using SOAP is to enable
heterogeneous interoperability.

If you want to use SOAP in place of a homogeneous distributed object
system like RMI, then there might be some small advantage in using
SOAP encoding when passing rich object graphs. But if you want to do
homogeneous distributed object computing, then you should use RMI, not

All performance tests I've seen show that RPC/encoded is slower than
RPC/literal or doc/literal. And a huge number of interop problems are
caused by SOAP encoding.

I'm sure that Glen Daniels has a different opinion, though.


On 4/26/05, Anne Thomas Manes <> wrote:
> You can't use a Java/XML binding framework with RPC/encoded. They only
> work with literal encodings.
> On 4/26/05, <> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I have some basic doubts on RPC/Encoded style wsdl and what is the
> > role of Java to XML Data Binding Frameworks like JAXB, Castor etc. in
> > RPC/Encoded approach when we are going to consume such WSDL using AXIS
> > and how custom serializers or deserializers work with such java to xml
> > data binding frameworks in the process of generating the soap request
> > envelope ?
> >
> > More specifically can we use Java to XML Data Binding frameworks like
> > Castor, JAXB in a RPC/Encoded style wsdl consumption ? If so what are
> > the advantage such approaches ?
> >
> > Also, can anyone please tell me what ALL are the advantages of
> > RPC/Encoded style over document/literal or rpc/literal specially in
> > supporting java collections like HashMap's, Vector's and complex java
> > beans etc. ?
> >
> > Thanks & Regards,
> > Kumar.
> >

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