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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: Axis design question and serializers
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 04:52:44 GMT
It's a bad idea to try to expose collections through SOAP. Create a
facade for your facade that exposes arrays rather than collections.


On Apr 4, 2005 3:51 PM, Mike Zatko <> wrote:
> I have a facade that I want to open up as a webservice and one of the
> methods in the facade returns a rather complex bean. (It is an Order
> object which contains collections of SubOrders and OrderItems and so on)
> I use the Java2WSDL application and generate a wsdl based off of this
> facade.  Then I take the wsdl and use the WSDL2Java tool which builds
> all the server code as well as regenerates my beans into soap friendly
> form. This leaves me with essentially two sets of the same beans in
> different form.
> Now, in order for this system to work, I would have to implement a
> translation layer to make new soap friendly beans out of my normal beans
> and vice versa. This method doesn't seem right, so I've been looking at
> the BeanSerializer. I am guessing that the BeanSerializer would allow me
> to use my normal beans with axis, and have them serialized to the soap
> friendly version on the fly. So, my first question, is what I am saying
> correct?
> My second question is that I cannot find any documentation on
> serializing. The user guide has an incomplete section on this and the
> encoding example is somewhat daunting for an axis newbie. I am sorta in
> a cloudy position on what I should be doing, so any help would be
> appreciated. Thanks.

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