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From "Soti, Dheeraj" <>
Subject RE: Document style web services
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 22:21:06 GMT

See if the following link can help you.


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From: Marc Lefebvre [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 1:28 PM
Subject: Document style web services

In my current project I am going to be using AXIS with TOMCAT using Java to
develop some Webservices.  Rather than using the typical RPC methods, like the
examples in the documentation, we want to pass an XML Document back and forth
between server and client.  This is for two reasons, security, and
interoperability with existing XML services.  This XML document would have the
method calls and args in body.

So, the questions I have are:

1) What is the datatype of the argument and return type that represents the XML
document in our Request and Response methods that we are going to expose through
AXIS Web Services?

2) When generating the WSDL and WSDD, how do we specify to the utility that we
are gong to be using this document style rather than the typical RPC style.  I
somewhat understand the idea of:

<soap:binding style="document" transport="uri">

or the use of:

<soap:operation soapAction="uri" style="document">

but HOW do we enable this mode in AXIS without tweaking the generated WSDL file,
specifically when we use the auto generation utility: Java2WSDL and then
WSDL2Java to generate the web service stubs?

I appreciate any advice or pointers.



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