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From Fernando Nasser <>
Subject Re: Xerces with Axis1.2RC3
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 13:56:01 GMT
Are you sure it is the Xerces-j2 jar that comes with Tomcat that is 
being picked or the broken xerces-j-based implementation that comes with 
the JDK?


Chris Angelo Yu Averia wrote:
> Hello,
> I am just new to Axis.  Hope you can help out with my concern. 
> I am using JDK 1.4, Tomcat 5.0 and Axis 1.2RC3.
> As stated in the installation guide, Axis prefers to use Xerces
> as its XML parser.  So no problem here, since I am using Tomcat,
> Xerces is already included in the
> "<CATALINA_HOME>/common/endorsed" directory.  I am just quite
> puzzled with how the Xerces XML Parser
> "org.apache.xerces.jaxp.*" gets picked up by the classloader.  
> If I leave XercesImpl.jar in the
> "<CATALINA_HOME>/common/endorsed" directory, as
> expected, it is loaded by the bootstrap.  However, if I move
> XercesImpl.jar to
> "WEB-INF/lib" directory, it also gets picked up the bootstrap
> class loader.  I always thought that placing a JAR file in the
> "WEB-INF/lib"
> (aside from the javax packages) will get picked up by the
> WebAppClassLoader...
> But when I tried to use an XML parser from IBM and put it in
> WEB-INF/lib directory, it gets correctly picked up by the
> WebAppClassLoader.
> So my question is why does the Xerces Parser
> "org.apache.xerces.jaxp.*", when moved to WEB-INF/lib, gets
> picked up by the bootstap classloader instead of the
> WebAppClassLoader?  
> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance!
> Chris
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