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From Tom Ziemer <>
Subject Question about Attachments
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 14:35:31 GMT
Hi everybody!

I'm using a webservice to gather lots of data from a database and then 
convert the data to an excel sheet using Jakarta POI. This part of my 
webservice is working well. What I would like to do now, is to send the 
resulting file back to a client. Before I posted this message, I already 
looked at the wiki entry on attachments, looked at the source that came 
with axis, read "Fear of attachments" and I also googled. Yet there are 
still several points that remain unresolved:

1) What is "the preferred" method to send binary data to a client? From 
what I've read so far it seems to me that the answer is "it depends", 
which doesn't really help all that much. The size of the files I need to 
transfer is between 2 and about 10 MB.

2) Is it correct, that when I'm using attachments (DataHandler), c# 
clients won't be able to use my service?

3) I'd like to send the files I generated to a client, but at which 
point in my code can I actually add the attachment to the response, 
that's send to the client.

I'd be grateful for any replies or (if these questions have already been 
answered) pointers on where I can find more informaton/samples.

Thanks a lot,


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