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From "David Levy" <>
Subject RE: [Fwd: Re: axis stubs]
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 23:05:59 GMT
Hi Chad,

Thanks for taking some interest in this, I'm glad other people have had
similar issues.

I agree that Java interfaces for the exposed business logic should drive
everything... I really hate the communication layer affecting the internal
business logic, it makes me feel really dirty working with code which
doesn't hold to this (I was recently brought in late to a project which gave
me a JAXB/base64 experience which just makes me shudder thinking about it).

Thanks for an interest, I'm glad to see that other people have had a similar

The solution we're working on now is just to modify the stubs generated so
that they extend from the original interface. We've got an algorithm now for
doing this which works, and just have to put together the code which ties
the generated interface and complex type representations back to the
original interface. We could have modified the existing Wsdl2Java task to do
this, but just chose to post process the source files instead (what can I
say, I'd rather use Java regex then learn the internals of the wsdl2java
tool, though later I may have to).


David L

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From: Chad Woolley []
Sent: Monday, 21 March 2005 6:10 PM
Subject: [Fwd: Re: axis stubs]


Read my post on 3-16 titled "Can Wsdl2Java make the stub implement a
specified interface?", it's related.

I think the appropriate way to do this is to generate a java interface
file which matches the generated class, and is implemented by it.  These
could then be copied and used in client or test code, without having to
make a concrete dependency on either the stub or the original class.
The generated interface name could be the original class name with an I
prepended (even though I don't like that convention), or made configurable.

I think this is a valid requirement, because I often auto-generate java
stubs for use in my test code, but use the original beans in that same
test code, thus encountering the namespace conflicts you describe (same
class, different packages).  Also, if you have client code which depends
on the stubs, it is cleaner and more testable to be able to make it
depend on an interface rather than a concrete class.

FYI, I also have automated code in my build script (Maven) which can
automatically build a war from the current project, deploy it, and
invoke Wsdl2Java (with a couple of hacks) to automatically generate the
stubs.  You can also run it against an external war or deployed war.
This is really nice if you want to use the stubs during testing, or
automatically keep the stubs up-to-date with the wsdl.

I'd dig in and try to do this if I had more time or perhaps if an axis
dev showed interest in this.

Chad Woolley

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