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From "David Levy" <>
Subject axis stubs
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 03:27:47 GMT

I've been working on a project where we must generate client axis stubs for
code which we maintain. This means that we generate the WSDL via java2wsdl,
then generate the stubs with wsdl2java. This all works fine, but the problem
is that the client stubs generated with wsdl2java adhere to a different
interface then the original interface. Both interfaces are almost identical,
but do not adhere to the same java interface.

Original Interface: com.original.WidgetStore#getWidget(String id):
Generated Interface: com.generated.WidgetStore#getWidget(String id):

There are a few problems with the current solution (lesser of evils);
either, (1) both interfaces have exactly the same package name and are
duplicates, or (2) the interfaces are different, and clients of the stubs
cannot cast the returned stubs to the original interface.

I'm going to have to do this over and over again for many types of services,
so I need a general solution I can automate. I've been thinking of solutions
which manipulate the java source code to modify the generated client stubs
so that they do adhere to the same interface, but was wondering if there was
possibly another way?

Thanks if you've read this far, and let me know if I didn't explain my
problem well enough.


David L

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