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From babloosony <>
Subject Re: Interropability testing between j2ee and .NET
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 04:58:55 GMT
Dino Chiesa & Steve Loughran,

Thank you for your kind and detailed response. I'll try the same.

Thanks & Regards,

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 07:44:39 -0800, Dino Chiesa <> wrote:
> There is no standalone ".NET soap toolkit" .
> There is a thing called the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit.  It was a COM-based
> library, suitable for use within VB6 and other COM environments.  The MS
> SOAP Toolkit went through several revisions.  The latest is v3.0.  None
> of these revisions used .NET technology.  The SOAP toolkit goes out of
> support in June 2005.  Microsoft guidance is for those using the SOAP
> Toolkit to move to .NET.
> The .NET Framework is the all-up managed app framework.  Web services
> support is built in, but so are lots of other features like IO,
> threading, transactions, data access and so on.  There is no way to
> install "Just the IO" or "Just the data access" pieces of the .NET
> Framework, nor is there a way to install "Just the webservices piece".
> The Framework runtime (something like a JRE) is a 22mb download.
> 842-8157-034D1E7CF3A3&displaylang=en
> It includes stuff you need to run apps built on .NET.
> The Framework SDK (like JDK) is a ~120mb download.
> 070-9f41-a333c6b9181d&displaylang=en
> The SDK includes command line tools for building apps that run on the
> .NET Framework:  compilers, debuggers,  and other tools and utilities
> related to app development.  There are no visual tools included in the
> SDK (except for a visual debugger).
> In a twist, the Framework *runtime* (the 22mb thing) includes compilers
> for VB.NET and C#.  So you could just download that.  Write apps in any
> text editor, compile them with vbc.exe or csc.exe.
> If you want to sign assemblies, do debugging, use makefiles, or use XML
> Serialization, then you will also want the full SDK.  If you want to
> generate client-side proxies from a WSDL file, then you need the SDK, as
> it includes the wsdl.exe tool.
> Both the Framework and SDK are free downloads, though of course you have
> to already have licensed Windows.
> If you install either of the above and you use Windows Update, you will
> be promoted to install SP1 of the .NET Framework, soon.
> Now, separate from those things, Visual Studio .NET is the visual
> development environment.  It's big, installs from a DVD.  It requires
> the .NET SDK.  It's a commercial tool, prices vary.
> Unlike some Java environments, which bundle a runtime install (JRE) in
> the SDK (JDK), with .NET that is not the case.  So you must install both
> the runtime piece and the SDK piece, if you want to use the .NET
> Framework SDK.
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> From: babloosony []
> Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 6:34 AM
> To:;
> Subject: Interropability testing between j2ee and .NET
> Hi All,
> I have exposed ejb as document/wrapped web service on java platform that
> uses AXIS 1.2 RC2. I can test also successfully consume the ejb web
> service. However I want to write a client in .NET and consume my
> j2ee/java ejb document/wrapped web service.
> Now my question is can I install light weight .NET soap toolkit on my
> windows 2000 computer and consume wsdl exposed by my j2ee based
> websphere 5.0 application server deployed ejb web service. I dont want
> to install the heavy weight .NET MS-Visual Studio that has .NET soap
> toolkit in it to do this interropability testing. Can anyone please
> redirect me to relevant docs, links and information.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Kumar.

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