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From "Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer" <>
Subject RE: Re: Which Style of WSDL should I use
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 14:52:07 GMT
Hopefully this answers both of your questions, as I'm sure Anne is tired
of discussing interop :)

Interoperability specs basically eliminate the use of RPC/encoded as an
option, and say you should use document/literal. Now .NET adds the
wrapped option, so you need document/literal wrapped for your WSDL
encoding style/use. Document/literal is not Axis specific, as other
tools can use it as well. The wrapped option allows you to have your
RPC-like web services where you exposed your methods that the client can
call in a manner that is easy for the programmer. Aka, it acts as if you
are calling a local function. However, if you use document/literal (not
wrapped), then you basically have to call the function as an object, and
unwrapped its insides...its more of a pain for the programmer.
The upcoming WS-I specs are leaning towards completely disallowing
overloaded methods and the such, so methodA1, methodA2, etc. may be the
way around it for operability's sake.
For using document/literal wrapped there is an option in the Java2WSDL
that specifies that style/use of encoding. But you should always
remember to modify your wsdl by hand after the Java2WSDL tool is done.


Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer
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From: news [] On Behalf Of Tim K. (Gmane)
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 7:35 PM
Subject: Re: Which Style of WSDL should I use

Good questions, I would like to know too ...

In addition, is wrapped doc/literal Axis specific? It doesn't seem to be
standard JAX-RPC. I guess my bigger question is: Is it possible to have
RPC-like web services (exposing lots of methods the client can call) and
use doc/literal encoding? If so, what's the approach?


Soti, Dheeraj wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to expose our middle-tier (J2EE) APIs as web service which will

> be consumed by a .NET clients (and possibly Java clients as well). I 
> came across an article 
> _
> l/_ that explained all the possible styles beautifully but also raised

> few questions in mind. I will appreciate if someone will share his 
> experience with me.
>     * WS-I says no to RPC/encoded but as per the article it has some
>       benefits like Polymorphism and datagraph which is true in my
>       business case as well. I have a class that can have members of
>       itself. Will I have problems using doc/literal(wrapped)
>     * WS-I also advises not to use overloaded methods but doesn't that
>       put additional load on client. For example I have a method
>       createContent(Content ct). I have 3 different implementations of
>       Content so I'll have to add three methods
>       createContentofType1/2/3. Or should I consider this as a
>       for being interop?
> Thanks
> Dheeraj

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