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From "Dino Chiesa" <>
Subject RE: Axis, .Net and return types
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 18:55:31 GMT
If you have the WSDL then you can run WSDL2Java , and generate
 - a client-side AXIS proxy class that enables an RPC-like programming
 - Java classes that correspond to the WSDL/XSD types (DTO's?) 

In your java app, you will then do:
  ReturnType ret= proxy.Method1(param1, param2); 

The param1 and param2, whatever types they are, get automagically
serialized into XML and sent over the wire.  Upon return, the returned
XML automagically gets de-serialized into an instance of ReturnType
(whatever it is).  You can then party on the JavaBean: 


If you want to use the messaging metaphor, and really just get a DOM,
then morph the WSDL to return an xsd:any , and I believe the AXIS
WSDL2Java will generate for you a method that returns a DOM (or Element
or Node or something similar). 

None of this is particular to .NET.  This is just how AXIS exploits


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From: Paul Hunnisett [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 7:24 AM
Subject: Axis, .Net and return types

I'm trying to write a client to a .Net service using axis libs.  The
service itself returns XML but, despite that, is an RPC service as
opposed to a messaging service.

The problem I'm encountering is deserializing the return type.  I know
it's XML ( I think a DOM, although it may jsut be a string) but the wsdl
says that it's something like:

How can I retrieve this as something useful? Ideally an

Paul Hunnisett

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