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From "Jongjin Choi" <>
Subject Re: Java2wsdl deploy option: generate wsdd file
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 12:54:40 GMT
Hi, Olivier,

Java2wsdl's '--deploy' option is not documented yet. :-)
See Axis-1891 and ws-axis/java/test/wsdl/arrays3.

With '--deploy' option, java2wsdl generates deploy.wsdd and required classes (eg.
and/or Helpers)
If the class-of-PortType of java2wsdl is an interface, you need to specify implClass.
If the class-of-PortType is an implementation class, '--deploy' option will suffice.

You don't need to run wsdl2java again. You will get all the things that you need to expose
a web service.
This option's purpose is to remove the wsdl2java process and needed class mix and match after
java2wsdl, and the error-prone hand-written deploy.wsdd.

If you have any problem about using this option, please post it to this list.



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From: "Olivier Mocquais RD-BIZZ" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 6:21 PM
Subject: Java2wsdl deploy option: generate wsdd file

> Hi all,
> In a comment of the AXIS-1898 in JIRA, dims says: "check latest cvs, 
> java2wsdl has a deploy option that can create the wsdd's as well."
> Where can I find some documentation about this task and this new option 
> ? Will it be included in the next release of Axis ?
> Do I still have to use the wsdl2java task after the java2wsdl in order 
> to expose a class as a web service ?
> Thanks.
> Olivier
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