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From Dan O'Neill <>
Subject Re: Simple question....
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 17:16:16 GMT
Ahhh... you see... I'm building a distributed system. Its part of a
much larger project and Im actually only building a prototype
application and doing some modelling.

The application however needs input from both the client and service.
This input is passed to my application service which then proceeses it
and uses it to build a model of both the client users and the services
that they use.
Its all to do with WebService reputation and which webservice to
choose for a particular job. I cant really say any more because its a
rather large college project that many people are working on.

The client you see then rates the webservice and so forth..... But you
see if I make a soap call while the handlers are set to global it will
start a never ending loop which eventually crashes everything from
client to server!

I hope that answers some of your questions.....


On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 08:00:57 -0900, Elaine Nance
<> wrote:
> Dan,
> Here are also simple questions, not particularly aimed at you:
> Why would your service be responsible for what the subscriber
> does to handle the responses?  If the interface is fully
> specified by the wsdl then the client will be able to consume it.
> What, specifically, are you doing that you need to concern
> yourself with client-side handlers?
> I'm not being a smartie here.  I see a lot of posts similar to
> yours and I wonder why:
>    1) the provider wants to be responsible for the subscriber -
> frankly I'd love it if our enterprise IT even *thought* about
> providing usable client code.  I will absolutely settle for a
> wsdl which doesn't make me hand-code parsers for every
> string-wrapped xml document.
>    2) so many services don't seem to be designed as services -
> it's as if the cart is driving the horse, as in "we already have
> the application/interfaces/classes that we'd like to expose as a
> web service" . . .
>    3) SOAP is decided as the solution when the problem hasn't
> been analyzed
> Elaine
> Dan O'Neill wrote:
> > I'm tired trying to get them to work. Do Client-side service-specific
> > handlers work? If you put them in client-config.wsdd? I know that if I
> > change them to global they work?
> >
> > I've got some working by using setClientHandlers() in the client code
> > but I don't always have the luxury of changing people's java client?
> >
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