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From Gregory G Carter <>
Subject Re: JDBC Service
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 18:13:48 GMT
I guess I also have some more questions:

If I issue a request to an object on the AXIS server to query a remote 
database, what do I do with large queries?  For example, if the query 
set is large, I have to buffer it at the server before I send it off to 
the client.

Is there a accepted best practice for handling large soap messages at 
the client end logic?

What data type should I use for storing and forwarding the query?

Should I use a straight string, byte [] array...???

I am not too familair at the moment with what data types are best used 
for SOAP messaging and the implications of those types on the size of 
the messages.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Ephemeris Lappis wrote:

>You should design objects that map your data, and return an array of them.
>In my opinion, to respect a good design principle, your web-service should
>call some kind of 'business service', and only this service should be aware
>of your data representation in the database, directly (using sql), or
>through a data mapping layer (tool or ejb entities). I generally build my
>web services as a j2ee endpoint ejb, over another internal business ejb that
>handles data.
>It's just my opinion...
>Ephemeris Lappis
>>>>-----Message d'origine-----
>>>>De : Gregory G Carter []
>>>>Envoyé : vendredi 18 mars 2005 18:39
>>>>À :
>>>>Objet : JDBC Service
>>>>   I have Axis up and running, and have done some examples but I am
>>>>really interested to know how I can return a JDBC result set from a web
>>>>service, and what exactly is involved in the client end.
>>>>  Has anyone attempted to obtain result sets of JDBC queries from a web

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