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From James Black <>
Subject Re: .NET and Axis
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 19:34:25 GMT
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Dino Chiesa wrote:
| ~  I am working on a testcase for the beehive project that I will later
| do under axis also, to show the problems that axis has with .net
| clients.
| Interesting way to look at it.  Rather than showing the problems, my
| approach has been to document how to get them to talk nicely with each
| other.

~  By having a relatively simple test case I hope that this can be
duplicated by others and fixed a bit sooner.

| ~  I am sticking with rpc/encoded for anything that is involving arrays
| of beans.
| James, any reason why?  It's your prerogative, but it is against WS-I
| and isn't necessary, according to the examples I have developed.

~  I can only get rpc/enc to work with most of my webservices. I have two
that return only byte[] or strings, and that I use doc/lit for, but the
rest use arrays of beans, and these fail to work, with anything but rpc/enc.
~  There is actually a couple of methods that also fail with rpc/enc, but
I just return an xml file for those, and life goes on.

~  Some of my webservices are now in production, with the .net clients,
so I have to make certain that anything I do will indeed work.

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James Black
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