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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: JAC-RPC 2.0 (was: Axis2: RPC -> Message advantages)
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 21:46:50 GMT
Dino Chiesa wrote:

>And now for something Totally Off Topic. . . 
>>The next release of JAX-RPC (2.0) delegates XML mapping to JAXB. Axis
>2.0 will support JAX-RPC 2.0, and it will make it much easier for you to
>use an external serialization service, but it will also continue to
>support automatic serialization using a highly optimized processor. 
Re Anne's comment above: The "highly optimized processor" idea for 
automatic serialization doesn't appear to have worked out well so far, 
as can be seen in the performance results of frameworks using this type 
of approach.

>So what happens to 
> - Castor
> - XMLBeans
> - all the other Java-to-XML mapping frameworks
>I had assumed that with the donation of XMLBeans to Apache, there would
>be a consolidation or convergence, at least within Apache, on a common
>Java-to-XML binding framework.  That XMLBeans would replace the
>serialization schtuff within AXIS.  I assumed wrong, I guess? 
I think it's likely that alternative XML data binding frameworks for 
Java will continue to flourish, though we may start to see some 
convergence. For example, I'd like to add support for working with JAXB 
2.0 source code annotations to JiBX 2.0. Part of the problem here is 
that there are a number of different use cases (Need to work with XML as 
XML, and only secondarily as data-bound objects? Use XML Beans. Need 
data binding and don't care about XML fluff such as comments? Then use 
Castor or JAXB if you're starting from a schema, or JiBX if you're 
starting from Java code. Need performance? Then use JiBX :-D ).

>The problem with JAXB is it is so darn ... Heavy.  I think there are 24
>classes or something, generated at build time, for each class you want
>to be able to de/serialize.  With AXIS it is pretty simple and implicit.
Many of the issues with JAXB 1.0 will be corrected in 2.0, probably 
including the number of generated classes.

  - Dennis

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