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From Adrian Perez Jorge <>
Subject Re: axis client consuming an ejb service
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2005 11:34:24 GMT
Hi fabrizio,

  I believe your "object graph" is not so complex to get trouble in 

  That's what I do to use EJB's for service providing (more or less):
  - develop your session bean.
  - build a deploy-YourSessionBean.wsdd file like this:

    <deployment ...>
     <service name="YourServiceName" provider="java:EJB" style="wrapped" 
    <parameter name="beanJndiName" value="YourSessionBean"/>
    <!-- rest of ejb's params here (local/remote interfaces/home, etc.)-->
   <!-- here, typemappings of the rest of possible classes/beans used in 
your web service parameters/return values object graph
          like Event, Parameter, ... -->

   - deploy your session beans and axis servlet/web app.
   - deploy your web service using the .wsdd file above.
   - use Java2WSDL over the interface or implementation class of your 
session bean, and specify Trigger, Event, Parameter,... as extra classes 
(and also style wrapped/literal if you like that), namespace and 
location.  You will get an .wsdl file you can use at the client side.  
The important here is to include Trigger, Event, Parameter,... as extra 
classes, to their wsdl definition will be included in the .wsdl file.

   I have used this to implement web services using session beans, 
including .net clients (must use unqualified at .net client side).

   Hope this help you,

Adrian P.J.

fabrizio picca wrote:

>still having problems Jai.
>i think that the problem resides in the structure of the object that i
>want to send.
>i'm trying to sendo something like this:
>triggerSet Object
>     String 1 
>     String 2
>     vector of Trigger object
>Trigger object
>     String 1
>     String 2
>     vector of event  object
>Event object
>     String 1
>     String 2
>      Parameter object
>Parameter object
>     String 1
>     String 2
>     String 3
>maybe this is impossible to serialize...

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