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From babloosony <>
Subject Basic Doubts on converting JiBX Binding file to XSD file
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:00:32 GMT
Hi All,

I have some basic doubts on xml schemas that represent inheritance
among java beans that use java collections like java.util.Vector,
java.util.Hashtable etc.

Say I have below java beans as below :

class A {
	private Vector A1;
	private String A2;
	// and other getter and setter methods as usual

class B {
	private Vector B1;
	private String B2;
	// and other getter and setter methods as usual
Assumming that I have written JiBX binding.xml for the above class B
and class A, now how do I convert this  binding.xml to a XML Schema so
that I can include the generated schema file in a WSDL that can be
exposed as a  document literal web service.  Are there tools out there
may be at website that will help me to convert JiBX
binding xml files to XSD file Or  in general are there any commercial
or free tools available that can generate XSD files if we input our
java classes  like class B and class A that can use java collections.

Also, since WS-I does not encourage language specific collections then
how can we justify the usage of them  JiBX binding xml file and then
in XSD and then in WSDL ?

My knowledge is trivial but can someone clear doubts ?

Thanks & Regards,

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