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From Martin Egholm Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Method without parameter generates faulty client in .NET
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 09:17:12 GMT

>> I'm generating a wsdl with Axis 1.2rc2 (with parameters --style 
>> DOCUMENT --use LITERAL) for a simple interface with a method with no 
>> parameters...when I invoke the method #getSomething() the generated 
>> SOAP doc contains no reference to the method:
>> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
>> <soap:Envelope
>>   xmlns:soap=""
>>   xmlns:xsi=""
>>   xmlns:xsd="">
>>   <soap:Body />
>> </soap:Envelope>
> Document/Literal never contains the method name within the <soap:Body/>, 
> although Wrapped/Literal does.  Document/Literal just contains the 
> arguments to the method in the <soap:Body/> .  In this case there are no 
> arguments so the <soap:Body> is empty.
> The method (aka operation) is sometimes listed in the envelope (I 
> think), and also sometimes listed outside the envelope in the HTTP 
> header information.  But maybe you want to be using wrapped/literal?  

> Did you want your soap:Body to contain  <getSomething/> ?
Exactly yes - I actually never considered that the method didn't appear 
when using document/literal.
For that I need rpc/encoded or rpc/literal? But the latter is not 
supported in .NET right?!


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