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From Peter Smith <>
Subject Re: turning off multirefs
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 01:29:45 GMT
I don't know if this helps, but org.apache.axis.client.Call object has a 

public void setProperty(String name, Object value)

and looking elsewhere in the source code I see:

setProperty(org.apache.axis.AxisEngine.PROP_DOMULTIREFS, Boolean.FALSE);


Andy Dolbey wrote:

>I've generated a set of client classes from a WSDL for a particular
>service.  But the messages generated from the request method of the
>port class make use of multirefs, which is something the SOAP server
>can't handle.  A member of this list suggested earlier that multirefs
>can be turned off with the API by means of one of these two:
>"I was able to turn off multirefs using the API with the following:
>   engine.setOption(AxisEngine.PROP_DOMULTIREFS, new Boolean(false));
>You can alsostop them on a per SerializationContext basis via
>   context.setDoMultiRefs(false);"
>This would be great for me, but I don't know how to get at either of
>these two classes via the client classes wsdl2java generated for me (a
>stub class, and classes for the request and response data types). 
>Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions??

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