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From Bill Keese <>
Subject Re: Method without parameter generates faulty client in .NET
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 01:36:41 GMT
Yup.  My impression is that most new web services use wrapped/literal in 
fact, so I think it's the path of least resistance for interop.

Note that the line in your WSDD file
  <service name="InicioSOAP" provider="java:RPC" style="wrapped" 

is not visible to the .NET clients.  Rather, it affects the way the Axis 
server processes requests, and possibly the auto-generation of the WSDL 
file, if you are using auto-generation.


Martin Egholm Nielsen wrote:

>>>> Did you want your soap:Body to contain  <getSomething/> ?
>>> Exactly yes - I actually never considered that the method didn't 
>>> appear when using document/literal.
>>> For that I need rpc/encoded or rpc/literal? But the latter is not 
>>> supported in .NET right?!
>> You want wrapped/literal.  Technically, wrapped/literal is a 
>> special-case of document/literal, but let's not worry about that for 
>> now.  
> Oooh... And this is supported by .NET, as well?
> > You need to specify wrapped/literal style in your WSDD like this:
>> <service name="InicioSOAP" provider="java:RPC" style="wrapped" 
>> use="literal">
>> For the wsdl file there are a number of rules too.  Mainly, that the 
>> schema definition has to correspond to <getSomething/>.
> Super!
> Thanks Bill,
>  Martin

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