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From Abdullah Jibaly <>
Subject Re: Axis & workflow based services
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 04:22:07 GMT
That's true, Laszlo is only a presentation layer. I
wasn't necessarily meaning struts itself, just any
controller layer that would be able to validate I'm
logged in with a session, validate the data input, the
business flow, etc.

Here's an example I have in mind:

Laszlo presentation layer calls UpdatePersonService
(SOAP) and passes a Person object. Before the
UpdatePersonService actually receives control, I want
the controller to (a) check the session & make sure
I'm logged in, make sure I have permission to call
this service, etc. 


--- Bill Keese <> wrote:

  Never used Laszlo before but it sounds like both
laszlo and struts arelibraries for building your
presentation layer.  Thus, you should useone of them,
not both.  Why are you talking about struts?

Abdullah Jibaly wrote:  
Bill,Thanks for the input. However, my presentation
layeris going to be Laszlo, and I want to communicate
withthe business layer using axis. That's why I can't
getto struts, axis will be processing the request
first.Thanks,Abdullah --- Bill Keese
<> wrote:  
Abdullah Jibaly wrote:    
I want my view layer to communicate withthe business
layer using web services ... Ican't use a standard MVC
framework like struts      
the request is sent to AxisServlet, right?       
As far as I understand, people usually talk
aboutseparating the "presentation layer" and the
"business layer",rather than separating the "view
layer" from the "business layer". So, itsounds like
you should write the presentation layer (model,
view,and controller) in struts, but the struts Actions
should call the"business layer" via web services.  IE,
the parts relating to displaying webpages and to web
page flow should be in struts, and the Businesslayer
contains "support" functions like "addEmployee()".What
do you think?Bill    

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