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From "Sims, Scott" <>
Subject Large Data Transfer
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 14:21:12 GMT

I'm working on an application that requires streaming of large amounts
of data (multi-megabyte) to clients.  The data won't necessarily reside
locally on the machine providing the web service and thus will be
streamed from another node on the local network (trying to avoid copying
the file from one machine on the local network to the machine hosting
the web service).  DataHandler (along with FileDataSource) works well
for moving existing files but not files that are being written at the
same time as the read occurs.  I have found a few articles on the web
indicating that axis has the capability to perform HTTP chunking and
DIME streaming to handling such tasks, but have found no concrete
examples of this.  Has anyone had experience using HTTP chunking and
DIME with Axis?  Does anyone know if there are any articles or tutorials
that explain this approach in detail available?  Are there any other
approaches that people would recommend?


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