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From "Gortari Nicholas-p56512" <>
Subject XML data in SOAP response body
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 16:12:13 GMT
I am trying to set up a web service that will take an existing XML file and inject it into
the SOAP response body.  The literal XML needs to remain in the response so an application
located between the client and server can run XML schema-based content inspection.  I would
prefer to use RPC based style.  

It seems that if I return the XML as a string all of the < and > characters get replaced.
 If I try to insert the XML directly into the body the client deserializer does not understand
the XML in the response and exits.  Is there any way to stop the replacement of the < and
> characters?  Is there any way to coerce the deserializer to ignore the inserted XML body
data?  Or even better is there a way to have the deserializer pull the data out and export
it to a file?  I would welcome any suggestion or pointer of where to get started.


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