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From Michael Schuerig <>
Subject Re: dynabeans
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 19:53:53 GMT
On Wednesday 19 January 2005 19:07, Pritesh Damani wrote:

> Is there a way I can return dynabeans from axis api call. If yes, has
> someone done it before, can someone guide me with guidelines.

AFAICT this is currently not possible and unfortunately it appears that 
it doesn't fit the JAX-RPC spec. The problem is that the mapping 
between XML types and Java objects is, on the Java side, by class. See 
for instance javax.xml.rpc.encoding.TypeMapping. Now DynaBeans have a 
Class, but it's the same for all DynaBean types. They also have a 
distinct DynaClass, but that you can't use in the JAX-RPC API.

The best solution, IMHO, would be if some future version of Axis would 
extend the spec to allow TypeMappings between XML types and 


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