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Subject RE: Java Client accessing a .NET Web Service
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 19:11:53 GMT
It's not urban legend, you missed an important detail..NET can handle arrays of complex types,
but you run into interoperability problems when the complex types consist of things other
than XSD primitives. Don't take my word for it, here's Microsoft's tech note on the subject:;en-us;326791

Maybe WSE has fixed some of this, but you don't always have the luxury of talking to someone
who runs the latest software in the real world. This is why I said you need to keep WSDL's
simple to maximize interoperability, if you have the ability to do so. Go to a Microsoft seminar
on J2EE/.NET compatibility and they'll tell you the exact same thing.

-- Andy

>>> 12/16/04 11:51AM >>>
I don't know where the urban ledgend that .NET can't handle arrays of
complex types that contain complex types comes from, but its not true. I
have a service that returns arrays of complex types containing arrays of
complex types and it works fine with a .NET client.


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> Subject: Re: Java Client accessing a .NET Web Service
> Microsoft publishes a book called ".NET and J2EE 
> Interoperability," but I don't know how much good it is going 
> to do you. Here's the things I found out on my own in my last project:
> 1) You have to run Axis 1.1 because .NET doesn't support 
> certain SOAP encodings generated by Axis (strings for 
> example). Microsoft claims that the SOAP encodings it doesn't 
> support are optional and not part of WS-I. As far as the Axis 
> dev's have said, they will have a solution to this problem in 
> Axis by the release of Axis 1.2. 
> 2) Understand that .NET cannot serialize and deserialize all 
> the types of objects that are supported by WSDL's, including 
> multidimensional arrays and arrays of complex types not 
> consisting of XSD primitives. 
> 3) If your exchange partner running .NET uses WSE, it will be 
> of great help in enhancing interoperability.
> 4) Tweaks to your tomcat configuration may be necessary. You 
> may need to set disableProxyCaching="false" on valves that 
> involve your authenticator classes and set 
> maxKeepAliveRequests to 1 to compensate for Microsoft's HTTP 
> implementation of the HTTP 100 continue message that is used 
> by both Explorer and .NET. Without these tweaks, some 
> services can fail to interoperate when crossing firewalls 
> that do stateful packet inspection and non-Microsoft proxy 
> servers (e.g. squid).
> 4) If you are in early cycle of your project, design the WSDL 
> first, and try to keep it very simple to maximize interoperability. 
> 5) I found this paper from IBM's software group to be 
> absolutely invaluable:
> teaching/ds/tutorials/AxisVeryAdvanced.pdf
> (Yes, I think there's a space in that URL).
> Good luck,
> -- Andy
> >>> 12/15/04 08:07PM >>>
> Anyone know of some up-to-date books or references on how
> to access a .NET web service from a Java client that uses 
> Apache Axis as it's SOAP engine?
> O'Reilly's Java and SOAP (2002) has a small section on it, 
> but it is very small
> and the book says Axis was very new at the time and that it 
> could change considerably.
> Tomcat and Apaches Axis and SOAP are changing so fast, the 
> O'Reilly books
> just can't keep up.
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