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Subject Re: NullPointerException in Axis 1.1
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2004 08:00:22 GMT
Do you want it in an e-mail or do you want me to open a case in JIRA and attach it?

>>> 12/04/04 07:59PM >>>
Can you PLEASE send a stack trace?


On Sat, 04 Dec 2004 16:02:21 -0700, ANDREW MICONE <> wrote:
> there's some problem with what java.util.hash takes as parameters. Replacing Apache libraries
with one's from Sun's JWSDP doesn't fix the problem. Only solution is to tool back the JVM
to 1.4. grrr. -- Andy
> >>> AMICONE@DEQ.IDAHO.GOV 12/04/04 02:51PM >>>
> I'm versioning back to Axis 1.1 and I've installed it in the usual manner under tomcat
5.5. The happy axis page shows that Axis is happy. Axis correctly generates WSDL for all deployed
services. However, an attempt to run any service, even something simple like the bundled getVersion
service, returns a NullPointerException as a fault. No additional information or stack trace
is seen in the log. The only other clue is that Axis doesn't seem to be able to auto-generate
the server-config.wsdd. It seems able to read one if you put it in the right place.
> This is the first time I've tried Axis 1.1 in Tomcat 5.5. Axis 1.2 does not display this
behavior and Axis 1.1 under Tomcat 4 does not display this behavior. I can't version back
up to Axis 1.2 because of the way it handles soap encoding with .NET clients.
> Please help, -- Andy

Davanum Srinivas -

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