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From "Yu Feng" <>
Subject RE: Question on timeout
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 22:16:00 GMT
Thanks for help!

The computer where this connection problem occurs is our application server,
so I haven't got a chance to replace network card. However, it runs all
other non-Axis applications ok that require Internet connection.

The exact SocketTimeoutException problem also happened in the computers that
I said "almost always receives response" -- but very rarely and I couldn't
recreate it if I aim to. So somehow I think that application server computer
just had worse network configuration that couldn't survive a query most
time. I am wondering if there're some software aspect approach I can look

I once heard about TCP_NODELAY setup in registry, but apparently there're no
such setting in any computers here.

Yu Feng

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From: Elaine Nance []
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: Question on timeout

I would bet that the Network Interface Card (NIC) is not working
properly, if it is an issue only for one computer.  Or that the
patch cord for the computer is bad, for example if someone
tripped over it, and so on.

Yu Feng wrote:

>>I have been bothered by a time-out issue for quite a few days and wonder
>>if I can get some help from the mailing list.
>>We have a Axis 1.1 client application that connects to a remote Web
>>Service written also in Axis 1.1. The application almost always receives
>>response in all computers excepts one. In that one particular computer,
>>most time it gets SocketTimeoutException as reported widely in Internet:
>>faultCode: {}Server.userException
>>faultString: Read timed out
>>Read timed out
>>at Method)
>>at Source)
>>The only answer I found so far is to increase the timeout value (more than
>>60 seconds) of the binding stub. That didn't work for us.
>>However, the application gets response sometimes (about 5% of all the
>>times we tried) without any change.
>>This convinced me that this might be a computer configuration issue. It
>>has same general configuration as another computer that worked -- Windows
>>2000, dynamic IP, on the same network.
>>Somebody would have some clue?
>>Yu Feng

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