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From "Ephemeris Lappis" <>
Subject RE: java2wsdl ant task for document/literal
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 19:20:18 GMT
I'm not a SOAP expert ! I think i had understood the difference between
document and wrapped styles, and i suppose tools that will process the
repective wsdl files will not generate similar codes : both use xml messages
without soap encoding, but in document mode the javabeans arguments of
operations must be made back from the wsdl as is, and not as distinct
primitive arguments...
In my case, i can't choose the encoding mode : the targetted service must be
used by J2ME clients, and, if possible, using the recent JSR172
specification that only supports "document style with literal use"...

Ideas are welcome...

<<<Philippe>>> -----Message d'origine-----
<<<Philippe>>> De : WAJSBERG Julien RD-BIZZ
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<<<Philippe>>> Envoyé : lundi 20 décembre 2004 09:14
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<<<Philippe>>> Objet : Re: java2wsdl ant task for document/literal
<<<Philippe>>> Ephemeris Lappis a écrit :
<<<Philippe>>> >Thanks for your feedback. Bad news !...
<<<Philippe>>> >I'd like to have a point of view from the Axis team
<<<Philippe>>> about this issue. I'm
<<<Philippe>>> >not currently working a lot in web services
<<<Philippe>>> domains, but according to what
<<<Philippe>>> >i've been reading in this list and others,
<<<Philippe>>> document/literal seems to be
<<<Philippe>>> >often required (as in my case by one of the peer
<<<Philippe>>> limitation), and no to be
<<<Philippe>>> >able to generate right descriptors with one of the
<<<Philippe>>> most used soap stack
<<<Philippe>>> >results very strange !
<<<Philippe>>> >
<<<Philippe>>> >
<<<Philippe>>> I think you're slightly mistaken here.
<<<Philippe>>> What is often required is "document/literal with
<<<Philippe>>> 'wrapped' convention",
<<<Philippe>>> more commonly called "wrapped document/literal" or
<<<Philippe>>> "wrapped/literal"
<<<Philippe>>> (and it's actually the most recommended way of
<<<Philippe>>> constructing a web
<<<Philippe>>> service these days).
<<<Philippe>>> And it's actually quite well supported by Axis 1.2
<<<Philippe>>> release candidates :)
<<<Philippe>>> (look for WRAPPED-style web services in axis documentation).
<<<Philippe>>> --
<<<Philippe>>> Julien

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