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From "Ephemeris Lappis" <>
Subject RE: java2wsdl ant task for document/literal
Date Sat, 18 Dec 2004 06:03:18 GMT
Thanks for your feedback. Bad news !...
I'd like to have a point of view from the Axis team about this issue. I'm
not currently working a lot in web services domains, but according to what
i've been reading in this list and others, document/literal seems to be
often required (as in my case by one of the peer limitation), and no to be
able to generate right descriptors with one of the most used soap stack
results very strange !
Do you know an alternative to generate my wsdl without installing a full
product such as the SUN jwsdk ?
Thanks again.

<<<Philippe>>> -----Message d'origine-----
<<<Philippe>>> De : Henry Lu []
<<<Philippe>>> Envoye : vendredi 17 decembre 2004 21:39
<<<Philippe>>> A :;
<<<Philippe>>> Objet : Re: java2wsdl ant task for document/literal
<<<Philippe>>> I studied Axis 1.2 since it started and java2wsdl
<<<Philippe>>> NEVER worked for D/L.
<<<Philippe>>> I think the problem is in both of axis.jar and
<<<Philippe>>> wsdl4j.jar. Specially
<<<Philippe>>> wsdl4j.jar because it does no generate correct wsdl
<<<Philippe>>> file for D/L (WS-I
<<<Philippe>>> compliant). I am still waiting for the Axis
<<<Philippe>>> development group to fix the
<<<Philippe>>> problem.
<<<Philippe>>> -Henry
<<<Philippe>>> >>> 12/17/2004 2:18:36
PM >>>
<<<Philippe>>> As many people before i have the same problem with
<<<Philippe>>> axis 1.2 to generate
<<<Philippe>>> my
<<<Philippe>>> wsdl for javabeans or exceptions. I've been trying
<<<Philippe>>> some of the
<<<Philippe>>> solutions
<<<Philippe>>> that have been proposed on this list, such as adding
<<<Philippe>>> complextype or
<<<Philippe>>> mapping
<<<Philippe>>> tags, but the task failed with
<<<Philippe>>> ClassNotFoundException, although the
<<<Philippe>>> classes
<<<Philippe>>> are in the same classpath.
<<<Philippe>>> I have also read in the list this version of axis
<<<Philippe>>> doesn't handle
<<<Philippe>>> document/literal mappings. I precise i can't use
<<<Philippe>>> another style, since
<<<Philippe>>> JSR172
<<<Philippe>>> for j2me web services restrict possible mappings to
<<<Philippe>>> this one. So,
<<<Philippe>>> before i
<<<Philippe>>> spend more time on this issue, i'd like to know if
<<<Philippe>>> actually a solution
<<<Philippe>>> exists to generate a correct wsdl for my simplistic
<<<Philippe>>> javabean (just a
<<<Philippe>>> pair of
<<<Philippe>>> string) and exception. I have built the same
<<<Philippe>>> application using the sun
<<<Philippe>>> jwsdk
<<<Philippe>>> 1.3, and it works quite fine...
<<<Philippe>>> Thanks for your feedback.
<<<Philippe>>> Philippe Maseres
<<<Philippe>>> **********************************************************
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<<<Philippe>>> day, and should not be used for urgent or sensitive issues.

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