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From "Patrick Martin" <>
Subject RE: Client side AXIS without aplication server
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 14:28:19 GMT
>From what little I know: 

Yes - there are examples of this on the Sun Site for pure JAX-RPC, and
I've found AXIS seems to support this fine.

Have look at Chapter 11 in

And specifically, "A Dynamic Proxy Client Example" in there.

You will only need the AXIS jars and dependencies on the client and very
little code, assuming the interopability is OK.

Hope this helps.



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From: Markus Wahl XA (KC/EMW) [] 
Sent: 03 December 2004 11:36
To: ''
Subject: Client side AXIS without aplication server

I would like to invoke a web service (reciding on the internet
somewhere) from my java program. The web service is produced by the wasp
platform. Can I invoke a web service using AXIS without installing or
using an AXIS application server?

What I would like to do is this:

1. Save the WSDL of the service to a file
2. Give the file to my java program
3. The java program invokes the service

Of course even if I don't want the java program to use an installed AXIS
application server, I realize that I will need some axis jar files.
Which fiels would that be? Is there an installation instruction on how
to make a minimal AXIS installation for the client side?

In other words, I will want to invoke my java program in my own fashion,
only pointing to the axis-jar-files rather than needing to install the
whole AXIS application servier on every cpmuter where I will run the
java program.

Any thoughts?


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