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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Remote reference!
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 10:03:56 GMT
No-one ever said they wouldn't be URLs, of course!
My current experience (none yet with Axis) was that the frameworks 
offered little to register a new URLs with some methods of an object 
you have created.

Returning an iterator sort of object is what you need, for example, if 
you want to deliver a large (or slow) content as chunks. That doesn't 
seem like a killer or even like doing Corba but it doesn't seem to be 
such common practice.


Le 15 déc. 04, à 10:00, a écrit :

> When one is talking about exchanging messages, using XML, between 
> different platform technologies and across a range of possible 
> transports, it's not hard to see that remote references, other than 
> URLs, are not likely to be supported any time soon. I'm not even sure 
> what it would mean, in a Web services world. If you want remote 
> references, go for a more specific distributed technology like CORBA 
> or something targeted at a single language, like Java-RMI.

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