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Subject Re: java2wsdl ant task for document/literal
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 09:01:00 GMT
Daniel Beland a écrit :

>In fact, to be more precise, it means that there is a schema element, with
>the same name as the operation, that contains (wraps) the actual document
>element representing all the parameters.
>   <AElement/> (of type X)
><AElement/> (of type X)
>I believe this is not part of WS-I and was defined by Microsoft only.
You're right. But WS-I says nothing against it either.

> I
>used to work this way but after some incompatibilities I switched to plain
>doc/lit instead.
>If you start with a wsdl, I find it easier than wrapped, and by having
>significant names for the elements you don't miss any clarity in the SOAP
>The java portion is nearly identical (Single java object with getX()
>methods instead of all unwrapped parameters directly).
You have to do in the Java code what you don't do in the WSDL :) Both 
methods are correct of course.


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