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Subject Re: java2wsdl ant task for document/literal
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 08:13:48 GMT
Ephemeris Lappis a écrit :

>Thanks for your feedback. Bad news !...
>I'd like to have a point of view from the Axis team about this issue. I'm
>not currently working a lot in web services domains, but according to what
>i've been reading in this list and others, document/literal seems to be
>often required (as in my case by one of the peer limitation), and no to be
>able to generate right descriptors with one of the most used soap stack
>results very strange !
I think you're slightly mistaken here.
What is often required is "document/literal with 'wrapped' convention", 
more commonly called "wrapped document/literal" or "wrapped/literal" 
(and it's actually the most recommended way of constructing a web 
service these days).

And it's actually quite well supported by Axis 1.2 release candidates :) 
(look for WRAPPED-style web services in axis documentation).


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