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From "Simon Fell" <>
Subject RE: exposing only parts of a Java Bean
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 18:18:57 GMT
> > There's a constructor for the BeanSerializer that takes 4 
> parameters, 
> > the last parameter is an array of BeanPropertyDescriptor 
> you can use 
> > this constructor to make a beanSerialzier that only knows about a 
> > subset of the fields on the bean. Its pretty easy to write a new 
> > Serializer class that wraps the BeanSerializer and constructs it as 
> > needed, then delegates all subsequent calls to it. Once you've got 
> > that, you just need to update the type mappings to tell Axis to use 
> > your new serializer instead of the bean serializer.
> Simon,
> 1) Is there an example on how to do this? I'm very new to the 
> Axis stuff ...

I haven't seen a public example.
> 2) Will the WSDL need to be also fixed by hand (I use 
> Java2WSDL to generate
> it) or can it somehow make use of the custom serializers to 
> figure out the proper complex types (not very useful to have 
> a wrong WSDL). Fixing the WSDL by hand is not really an 
> option as I have a complicated one and I generate it a few 
> times a day as I am still working on the implementation ...

Never use Java2WSDL, so no idea on that one.
> 3) Why in the world is Axis trying to be smart and expose 
> these non-JavaBean methods? At least they should make it 
> optional, easy to opt-in or opt-out of it, etiher way I don't 
> care though I guess it would be correct to opt-in for this 
> model if needed ...
> 4) Or maybe I should just patch the Axis code so that the 
> BeanSerializer only looks for pairs of get/set methods and 
> ignores non-pairs. Would this be easy to do including the 
> proper generation of the WSDL? If so, where should I start 
> looking at the Axis code?

You'd probably need to raise these last 2 on axis-dev.


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