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From "Kevin J. Duling" <>
Subject Server without tomcat?
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 23:04:58 GMT
Is there a way I can hook into the Axis classes from a String?  I'm having 
to retrofit some old software with my new service.  This release of my 
company's product is locked into an ancient version of Tomcat that isn't 
compatible with Axis.  Thankfully, it's a one-off and I can use Tomcat 4 in 
the current dev tree.  But for now, I'm tomcat-less.

Most of the other interfaces I've done have been HTTP encapsulated XML, so 
I'm able to grab the incoming request and store the body of the HTTP message 
in a String or build a org.w3c.dom.Document out of it.  Is there a way I can 
then push that into the SOAP classes for parsing and building the reply?  I 
also need to know how to pull the text of the SOAP envelop to send it back. 
I've been reading over the javadoc and Axis manual, but I haven't found 
anything yet that shows me how to do this.

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