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From Bob Morris <>
Subject Frequent Error 500
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 05:08:10 GMT
In circumstances I have not yet fully figured out---but may be 
associated with the Oracle parser required by Oracle's jdbc---my 
lightweight Oracle based service will  cause all of axis service to 
collapse and throw http 500 with a stack usually, but not always, going 
through the Oracle parser which is in axis/WEB-INF/lib to support the 
jdbc and some underlying Oracle XML calls.

Does this sound familiar? I am running axis 1.1 under tomcat5.

In the service implementation, I generally just throw exceptions and I 
find that they seem to correctly become SOAPExceptions on the wire, but 
this doesn't seem to prevent the problem above. Anyway, how could client 
mishandling of SOAPExceptions possibly make the service side go 
permanently into throwing exceptions for all service calls, including 
those that previously worked.

Among the wierdness involved is that in this state, it does not suffice 
to restart tomcat. I have to also remove axis/WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd 
and redploy all my services, even though the result is an identical 
server-config.wsdd to the earlier one. Somewhere there is persistant 
state about deployment besides in server-config.wsdd????

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