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From Tim Gmane <>
Subject Re: Installing on Sun AppServer 8?
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 19:07:16 GMT
Julian Templeman wrote:
> Apologies if this in covered in the archive, but the archive search
> seems to be broken right now.
> I'm having problems installing Axis to work with the version of Sun
> App Server 8 that you get in the standard J2EE download from Sun. The
> HappyAxis page tells me that a dependency on an essential
> component (i.e. AxisServlet in axis.jar) can't be found.
> This isn't an app server that I normally use, and I'm only having to
> use it in this case because it's been specified by the client for a
> training session. I'm trawling through the Axis and app server docs to
> try to find what JARs I need
> to put where, but in the meantime, does anyone have any quick hints on
> what I need to do to get Axis working?
> Thanks,
> jt

I've never used Sun's app server, but I can tell you how I got Axis to 
work in Oracle's App server, the steps should be similar

1) I used my own web app because it had other servlets that I needed

2) I copied the following jars from Axis to my webapp's WEB-INF/lib: 
axis.jar commons-discovery.jar commons-logging.jar jaxrpc.jar saaj.jar 

3) I copied the servlet and mappings entries from Axis' web.xml into
my webapp's web.xml

At this point happyaxis.jsp should work (it will complain that it can't 
find log4j.jar but it will still work and log to stdout/stderr which in 
the case of the Oracle App Server is captured in the OPMN log files).

I hope this will get you started.


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