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From Mark Chaimungkalanont <>
Subject doAutoTypes - best way to set this property?
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 05:46:24 GMT
Hi there,

I have a situation where I'm programatically creating a WebService.

I ran across the same problem as Enrico (in the thread below) in that I 
couldn't find an "elegant" way to register Bean (de)Serializers for my 
complex objects.

After searching some more through the archives I found mentions of the 
"doAutoTypes" flag hidden in the TypeMappingImpl class. This seems to do 
exactly what I want, defaulting to the bean serializer when none can be 

I couldn't get it work, however, outside copying the source and using 
"custom" version of TypeMappingImpl in my source tree that defaults the 
auto typing to true.

This is really not desirable so I was wondering if there was any other 
way to do this? I think this is the same problem as from 
about 9 months ago, but maybe something has happened since?

If there is not a way, I'd be happy to submit a patch that optionally 
reads the doAutoTypes from the AxisProperties when TypeMappingImpl is 

Any thoughts anyone? Anyone used auto typing successfully? Seems curious 
that such a feature would be so well hidden from view...


Mark C

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