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From Tim Dev <>
Subject exposing only parts of a Java Bean
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 18:34:56 GMT


I've just started looking into Axis and I couple of simple questions:

How can I expose only the Java Bean part of a complex type, in other words
I have a Java Bean that has some extra methods also for use internally on
the server side (e.g. one of the methods is getMap() *without* a
corresponding setMap() method).

When I expose a method that uses this bean, a "map" attribute is also
exposed in the complex type in the WSDL (using Java2WSDL). I've used Sun's
RI implementation in the past and only the true Java Bean methods would be
exposed, the rest would be ignored and I liked this behavior.

If I let the Map to be exposed as part of the complex type and it has its
own custom (de)serializer, how's the interop with .NET? I read that it's
not recommended to use maps but use an array instead and that's exactly
what I am doing, except that on the server the internal representation is
a map which I don't want exposed.

Thank you very much for your help and sorry if these questions have been
answered before but my searches on the list didn't reveal anything.


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