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From Nelson Minar <>
Subject Axis 1.2 RC1 - Faults contain hostname?! also, an XML error
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 23:34:58 GMT
I upgraded from 1.2 beta1 to 1.2 RC1 recently and was surprised to
find this element in the SOAP fault of my doc/lit service:

  <ns1:hostname xmlns:ns1=""></ns1:hostname>

Where did this come from?, which says:

     * add the hostname of the current system. This is very useful for
     * locating faults on a cluster.
     * @since Axis1.2
    public void addHostnameIfNeeded() {

I'm unhappy with this new behaviour. Hostnames are private details,
it's not appropriate to send them out in my case. And it's an extra
element in the fault that shouldn't be there unless I asked for it.

What's the appropriate way to get Axis not to send this data? I see
there's a removeHostname() method on AxisFault, but I'm not sure where
in my service code I should call it. The AxisFaults are being
generated behind the scenes in response to my application level

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