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From "Sheptunov, Bogdan" <>
Subject RE: hiding a property from Axis serializer?
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:02:49 GMT
Yes I saw that, thank you Adrian. I understand that I should be able to specifying which properties
I want serialized by writing a custom serializer. However, I do not wish to do that. I do
not see any "special circumstances" in what I am trying to do that Axis should not be able
to handle. 

As a workaround, I can live with just breaking up JavaBeans naming convention. I guess my
point is that this area of Axis should be improved; at very least, it should not pick up properties
that are not listed in the WSDL. I'll try to look into Axis code to see why it's doing that...

>   Just if you have not noticed it, check out the thread 
> called "exposing only parts of a Java Bean" posted recently 
> in this mailing list, and read Simon Fell comments:
> "There's a constructor for the BeanSerializer that takes 4 parameters,
>  the last parameter is an array of BeanPropertyDescriptor you can use
>  this constructor to make a beanSerialzier that only knows 
> about a subset
>  of the fields on the bean. Its pretty easy to write a new Serializer
>  class that wraps the BeanSerializer and constructs it as needed, then
>  delegates all subsequent calls to it. Once you've got that, you just
>  need to update the type mappings to tell Axis to use your 
> new serializer
>  instead of the bean serializer.
>  Cheers
>  Simon
> "...
>   Anyway I'll explore someday that ObjectOutput serializer idea.
> Bye.

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