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From Anand Natrajan <>
Subject Re: how to debug Web Services from client?
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 13:21:45 GMT

One of the major features of web services is that it does not require the
client to know much about the server's implementation. All the client needs
to know about is the interface to the server's operations, which is what the
WSDL encapsulates.

Accordingly, your request is, in theory, inadmissible - the client _cannot_
know about the server's implementation and so can't debug it.

If you happen to know that your server takes a debug flag for some
operation, you could try that, but it'd still require the server to
cooperate by sending you the debugging traces.

If your server is written in Java, then it may wrap its exception inside an
Axis fault, which could help, but this approach presumes there's an
exception you want to debug (as opposed to just wrong responses).

Your best shot at debugging the server is by... debugging the _server_-side
code. If you don't have control of the server-side code, you're a bit out of


On Fri, 8 Oct 2004, anup sinha wrote:

: Hi All,
:    How  to debug the web services from client ? I am having only url of WSDL.
: Thanks and regards
: Anup Kumar

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