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Subject Re: wsdl autogeneration
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 13:37:44 GMT

Are you using the URLMapper handler? You should check that it is present
in your server-config.wsdd. This handler finds the service associated with
the URL sent by your request. Axis needs the service to generate the

That file should contain something like this:

 <handler name="URLMapper"


 <transport name="http">
   <handler type="URLMapper"/>


On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 wrote:

> Pat,
> By default, Axis has a mapping, in WEB-INF/web.xml, that specifies a URI 
> of "/services/*", to get to the Axis servlet (and, thus, to the services). 
> This is the path below the context root. It looks like your context root 
> is "taskServices", but I'm not sure what mapping you have for the Axis 
> servlet, since you didn't include that information. It looks like you have 
> changed the mapping from "/services/*" to "/TaskWS/*", except that I 
> wouldn't then expect the error you got, when trying to generate the WSDL.
> So, I'm a little confused by your setup but maybe this has given you some 
> hints.
> Tony
> Hi all
> I've been scouring this list and the net for an answer to my question
> - seems some people have had similar issues, but no fixes.
> http://localhost:8181/taskServices/TaskWS is the service. And when I
> visit that through a browser, I get:
> And now... Some Services
>     * TaskWS (wsdl)
>           o addInt
> When I add ?wsdl to the url
> (http://localhost:8181/taskServices/TaskWS?WSDL), then I get:
> AXIS error
> Could not generate WSDL!
> There is no SOAP service at this location

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