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Subject XMLUtils does not encode FF / 0xC character in Java Strings... best way to fix?
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:59:29 GMT
        I am developing an AXIS/SOAP interface to a legacy system. The 
java-bean sent via soap includes a jav.lang.String that often contains 
FormFeeds/FF/0xC. This is causing a parse error on the client side, with 
"invalid xml character... 0xc". 

        Given that this is the method used by the standard/default 
BeanSerializer, I would think that a goal of AXIS is to support Java 
Strings without limiting the characters that could be in those strings... 
I'm not sure the full set of special characters that need to be checked 
for (possibly this is why the FF character missed the implementation this 
far) but am pretty sure that other developers working w/legacy systems 
will run into this problem as well.

        The main classes that (IMHO) need modification are:
                <method:  public static String xmlEncodeString(String orig 
        and possibly:
                <static int  int charRange[], possibly other methods>

        Does anyone know the best way to resolve this? I could do a 
workaround and xml-encode my java-bean strings before returning from my 
service method, but this seems like a temporary solution. 

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