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Subject RE: Does Axis support polymorphism (dynamic send back the derived class)
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 17:45:58 GMT
Axis just provides the infrastructure, you can send and return anything 
you want. However, if you are talking about the code generator, WSDL2Java, 
then it may not give you code that supports polymorphism and inheritance 
directly. You may need to write your own classes and 
serializers/deserializers to get it to work. I also had to use the XML 
schema <choice> element to define one of my types, in the WSDL, though 
that may not strictly be necessary. Sometimes you can get something usable 
out of the code generators this way but the best thing is to write the 
code yourself, for polymorphism.
Unless anyone else knows better?

If I use axis on both side, does polymorphism work? 
I just want to know whether if Axis support this dynamic send back the
derived class or not?
Any idea will be appreciate? 

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