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Subject Re: wsdl generation
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 07:24:19 GMT
It may be related to IWSState not following Java Bean conventions (get and 
set methods for each property). I don't know why a <types> section wasn't 
generated, though, to define the types in the tns1 namespace.


I am using java2wsdl to generate wsdl for my web service. 
I have a getNextActivity() method which returns IWSActivity, so wsdl2java 
correctly generates the following:
<wsdl:message name="getNextActivityResponse"> 
 <wsdl:part name="getNextActivityReturn" type="tns1:IWSActivity"/> 
I also have a getState() method, which returns IWSState, but wsdl2java 
uses anyType as shown below:
<wsdl:message name="getStateResponse"> 
 <wsdl:part name="getStateReturn" type="xsd:anyType"/> 
This behavior seems somewhat random and I am trying to figure out why this 
IWSActivity interface is empty. IWSState interface is shown below:
public interface IWSState { 
 public void setSimDays(int simDays); 
 public Timestamp getCurrentTime(); 
I attached mywsdl.wsdl generated by java2wsdl.

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