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Subject Re: newbie wsdl question
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 07:28:09 GMT
I've used the org.apache.axis.client.Service constructors, that take a 
WSDL file name or URL, but haven't done the kind of dynamic invocation 
that you're talking about. I still needed to know the port name and 
operation that I wanted to call. However, the Service class does have a 
getPorts() method that looks like it would return the port types known 
about in the WSDL. And then there is the getCalls(portName), which returns 
the call objects for a particular port. So look at using these methods of 
the Service class. It's a good starting point.

Alternatively, use the features of tools like XMLSpy (Enterprise edition) 
and Mindreef's SOAPscope, to do exactly what you want.


dear all:

just started playing with axis (java) for some demo
project, and have one fundamental question:

if a wsdl file of a very basic service (e.g. invoke
the service to get a string) is available to the
client, is there some existing/easy way for the client
to extract the required parameters to the objects
required to invoke the service (e.g. Call, Service and

or posed in another way, how do you implement a
generic client where it can analyse a wsdl file and
present the available methods to the user (say, in a

this is assuming that i don't have any client stubs
available, just the wsdl file.

thanks in advance,


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