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Subject Re: Book recommendations?
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 07:28:39 GMT
I've just looked at Up until last week, it was quoting 
October 31st, this year. Now it is quoting March 2005. I've seen earlier 
estimates of May 2004, so this is a book that has slipped and slipped its 
target date. They are probably having to rework it to take into account 
Axis 1.2. Let's hope 1.2 is not out of date by the time the book is 
The book used to be mentioned in Chris Haddad's weblog (he's one of the 
co-authors) but it is now just referred to as "O'Reilly's upcoming 
definitive guide to Apache Axis".

On Thursday 21 October 2004 18:05, wrote:
> There is also rumoured to be an O'Reilly
> book coming out at the end of this month: "Programming Apache Axis".
> However, although Amazon are accepting pre-orders, there is *no*
> mention of it on the O'Reilly web site, other than in the blog of one
> of the authors.

I haven't found it mentioned in any blog, but I didn't search 
everything. According to it'll be available May 31, 2005. says March 1, 2004, which is obviously wrong.

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