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From "Benjamin Marcel Flohr" <>
Subject ServiceLiveCycle Skeleton Problem
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 13:09:56 GMT
Hi Aaron,

I remeber that I met you someday at the Axis User List.
No I was searching to solve a problem depending to the ServiceLiveCycle. And for that I found
some entry in the web written by you:

Hi there. I am having trouble obtaining init params defined in the 
wsdd for a particular service. I noticed I can implement 
ServiceLifeCycle, however that does not work on the *SoapBindingImpl. 
The Skeleton class must be manually edited. Once this is done, 
init() is indeed called with a ServletEndpointContext, however Sun 
must not have finished this job, because this is a rather useless 
object, the most glaring omission being that - there is no API to 
obtain init parameters! 
Is there a specified way to obtain these parameters or do I just have 
to ad-hoc throw them in the web.xml or in a properties file in the 
classpath? (really, the whole concept of deployment configuration 
becomes a real tedious hassle if you have to define things in several 
different places and go through hoops just to get your service deployed) 
Aaron Hamid 
Cornell University

So we have the same problem, that we must edit the skeleton to delegate the init method to
our impl.
Have you found a solution for this problem ? 
Thanks for your help.


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