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From "Dorner, Thomas" <>
Subject Best SOAP-Solution
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 08:57:13 GMT
Hello all,


We have an Object "XYZ" (ComplexType) and want to send the Data of the
Object with SOAP to an Service:

But we don't know whats the best solution for this:


For Example we have a Vector, and this Vector have any number of Hashtables
in it.


1.       Use a Document/Literal (Wrapped) Messageformat and send a String or
a Document (XML)?

2.       Use a MessageBased modell and an send pure XML

3.       Use an serializer and desieralizer from AXIS with document/literal

--> What problems can happen if I have an Object in a Object and so on???


Please can someone give me an idea for a good solution?

Some examples are welcome!?


Thanks in advance Tomi

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